Rates & Policies

Water meters are read monthly and charges are calculated based on the size of the service.  A monthly minimum charge is applied to all services.  

Sewer charges are based on water usage during the winter months of October - March.  In April, winter usages are averaged and set as a fixed monthly charge for the months of April - September.  This allows our customers to irrigate without increasing the sewer charges in summer.  


3/4 " Service Rates for Water

Monthly Minimum:
Water Included w/ Minimum Bill:
Tier (gal.): Overages per/1,000 gallons.:
5,000-10,000 1.45
10,000-30,000 1.95
over 30,000 2.75


3/4 " Service Rates for Sewer

Monthly Minimum:
Sewer Volume Included w/ Minimum Bill:
Tier (gal.): Overages per/1,000 gallons.:
5,000 gallons or more $1.95


Payment Terms

Meters are read the last week of every month.  

Bills are mailed the last working day of each month and are due on the 26th of the month following.  

Penalties are added to any unpaid balances over $5.00.  

Balances over 60 days are subject to disconnection.  To re-establish service, payment must be made in full, including a $25.00 shut-off fee.   

For more information, please click here to read the District Rules & Regulations.